Auto Assistance Abroad Insurance

Auto Assistance Abroad Insurance

Subject matter
When traveling with a motor vehicle abroad, the Auto Assistance Abroad insurance provides you with 24/7 assistance in case of vehicle breakdown, vehicle theft or robbery. When signing the insurance policy the insurance companies provide you with an emergency center hotline which you can call in case of an occurrence of an insured event.

Risks covered

  • Repair of the motor vehicle with the repair costs covered
  • Car towing to the nearest repair garage where the repair works will be made
  • Payment of the costs for the delivery of the spare parts needed for the repair of the motor vehicle
  • Costs for hotel room accommodation for the Policyholder/s and further hotel costs in case the motor vehicle cannot be repaired immediately
  • In case the motor vehicle is not repairable, payment of the costs related to scrapping the motor vehicle as well the costs for taking the driver and passengers to the place of their residence in the Republic of Bulgaria by train or airplane
  • In case the motor vehicle is stolen or robbed, payment of hotel accommodation costs for the insured persons. If the motor vehicle is not found within 48 hours, payment of traveling expenses for returning to Bulgaria by train or airplane
  • In case the driver is injured and is therefore unable to drive the motor vehicle, and none of the passengers has a driving license, the driver and passengers are sent back to Bulgaria by train or by plane, or a trip by train or by plane is arranged for a person appointed by the Policyholder/s in order to get to the place where they are accommodated
  • In case of death, payment of the costs related to the repatriation of the mortal remains to the place of funeral in Republic of Bulgaria

Territorial scope of the cover
The Auto Assistance Abroad insurance is applicable to the territories of all countries with regard to which Green Card Insurance is signed.

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