Auto Assistance in Bulgaria

Auto Assistance in Bulgaria

Subject matter
The Auto Assistance Insurance provides you with 24/7 roadside assistance in case of a mechanical breakdown, medical aid in case of road traffic accident, assistance in case of theft of the motor vehicle.

Risks covered

  • Costs for transportation of the driver and passengers in the motor vehicle to an emergency room
  • Cost for repatriation of the passengers in a motor vehicle to a medical care centre or to their place of residence
  • Costs for repatriation of mortal remains in case of death
  • Costs for transportation of the passengers from the place of the accident to the nearest settlement as well as costs for booking public transport tickets with respect to the passengers’ further transportation
  • Emergency medical aid costs as a result of a road traffic accident
  • Costs for providing technical assistance and towing of the motor vehicle to the nearest suitable repair garage
  • Hotel accommodation costs
  • Costs for towing the motor vehicle and/or the vehicles attached thereto to their usual parking place
  • In case the driver of the motor vehicle has suffered an injury in the accident, the insurer provides a substitute driver.

Territorial scope of the cover
The insurance is valid only in Bulgaria except for the town or village where the motor vehicle is registered.

The standard duration of the Auto Assistance Insurance is 1 year, but it is also available for a shorter period of time.

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