Insurances in Bulstrad


Market share: 13.1% in 2010
Revenue: 181 million BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 1961
Number of offices: 84
Products: 50

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP was founded on July 31st 1961.

In 1967 BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP set up a joint-venture brokers company in London. In 1999 the brokers company was renamed European Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers.


  • Bulstrad Life JSCo – founded in 1994
  • Bulstrad Services and Consulting Ltd - founded in 1998
  • Bulstrad Health Insurance AD - founded in 2003


  • TBI Bulgaria AD – 97.08%
  • Other – 2.92%

The company offers all types of insurance products: aircraft, marine, cargo, property, motor insurance, construction and installation risks, personal insurance, etc.

In 2010 for a third year in a row Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group ranked first on the Bulgarian general insurance market. Market share 13.15%. Structure of the company’s portfolio as per types of insurance:

  • motor insurance – 68.95%, including Casco Insurance – 37.21% and Third Party Liability Insurance – 31.74%
  • property insurance – 16.31%
  • cargo, aircraft and marine insurance – 7.14%
  • other – 7.60 %

On the life insurance market Bulstrad-Life Vienna holds a market share of 10.66% in 2010 and has premium volume of 27 million BGN.

The insurance company’s partners are foreign re-insurers, leaders on the international markets like SCOR Reassurance, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, Lloyd's Underwriters, etc.

Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group is a member of national and international organizations like the International Union of Marine Insurance, the International Union of Aviation Insurers, the National Bureau of Bulgarian Motor Insurers, the Association of Bulgarian Insurers, the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, etc.

Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group has a well organized branch network around the country through which it offers a wide choice of insurance products servicing the industry, the financial sector, the transport sector, the business, the construction sector, the tourism sector and the needs of natural persons and organizations.

Management of Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group:

Supervisory Board

  • Rudolf Ertl
  • Peter Höfinger
  • Gerhard Lahner
  • Todor Tabakov

Management Board

  • Rumen Yanchev
  • Klaus Mühleder
  • Christoph Rath
  • Ivan Ivanov
  • Rumyana Milanova
  • Diana Evstatieva

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