Child Endowment Insurance

Child Endowment Insurance

This insurance product allows you, without a lot of effort, to provide financial support for the important moments in the life of your child. The insurance is concluded on the life and security of healthy persons up to 13 years of age. The Policyholder under the insurance can be a natural person of legal age or a legal person.

Period of the insurance
The period of the insurance can be between 5 and 18 years and it is set depending on the age of the insured person so that at the time of maturity of the insurance policy they are 18 years old.

Risks covered
upon the maturity of the insurance the Insurer pays the insured sum to the Policyholder
in case of death of the insured person that occurred during the period of the insurance, the Policyholder is paid the insured sum, the amount of which is set as per the general conditions of insurance policy
in case of permanent disability resulting from an accident, the insured person is paid a percentage of the insured sum equal to the percentage of disability

Additional risks

  • indexing of the sum insured – an option of indexing (annual increase) of the sum insured in order to avoid the annual inflation
  • Accident Pack which includes: Death resulting from an accident, Hospital stay resulting from an accident; Temporary disability resulting from an accident, Expenses for medical drugs and medical supplies resulting from an accident. All risks herein are offered together or separately.
  • option for using the child endowment insurance as security to take out a loan
  • possible additional protection in case of unfavorable circumstances incurred by the insurance payer.

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