Dog Insurance in Bulgaria

Dog Insurance in Bulgaria

The dogs are insured as per the following categories:

  • hunting dogs
  • luxury dogs
  • guide dogs and guard dogs

Subject to this insurance are dogs that have passports and that are vaccinated, aged one to eight years, as the guard dogs also need to have a document certifying they have undergone a training course.

Insurance covers
Death or putting down the dog as per a written order of a veterinary doctor resulting from:

  • fire
  • natural calamities – storm, hurricane, lightning strike
  • explosion or implosion
  • contagious and non-contagious diseases – certified by a veterinary body
  • attack from wild animals and birds – only for hunting dogs.

Additional risks

  • burglary
  • death resulting from a fire and killing while guarding a site
  • death or traumas resulting from a hit from a motor vehicle or from a road accident while in a motor vehicle. 

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