Insurances in DZI Insurance

DZI Insurance

Market share: 12.7% in 2010
Revenue: 173 million BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 1946
Number of offices: 128
Products: 60

DZI Insurance Plc is the former State Insurance Institute founded in 1946. The company has a decision of the National Insurance Council №2 / May 13th 1999 for performing insurance and re-insurance activities.

On August 21st 2002 the National Insurance Institute – DZI EAD was privatized through the sale of 80% of the capital of Contact-Sofia Ltd.

In 2007 DZI became part of the Belgian banking-insurance group KBC.

Traditionally, DZI has stable positions both in general insurance and in life insurance. DZI – Health Insurance Plc, specializing in voluntary health insurance, is part of the company’s large portfolio.

In 2010 DZI – General Insurance had a market share of 12.7%. This result placed the company in second place among the other general insurance companies in Bulgaria. During the year the company had good results mainly in the field of motor insurance, property insurance, liabilities insurance and financial risks.

In 2010 the most important product in the company’s portfolio was motor insurance – including Casco Insurance with 44% share, Third Party Liability insurance – 33%, followed by property insurance – 13%, aircraft and marine insurance with a 0.7% and 0.3% share respectively, Accident and Travel Assistance with a total of 2% share and financial risks – also with a share of about 2%.

In 2010 the market share of DZI Insurance Plc in the life insurance sector was 13.20% and the premium volume was 33 million BGN.

DZI has its own multi-channel distribution network around the country It consists of 26 Head Agencies, 27 Agencies и 63 offices.


Supervisory Board

  • Marko Voljc
  • Johan Daemen
  • Plamen Gochev

Management Board

  • Nedyalko Chandarov
  • Michel Callens
  • Rik Jos Gust Janssen

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