Insurances in DZI – Life Insurance

DZI – Life Insurance

Market share: 12.3% for 2011
Revenue: 30.7 million BGN for 2011
Year of founding: 1946
Number of offices: 128
Products: 18

DZI Insurance Plc is the assignee of the State Insurance Institute founded in 1946. The company has a license for performing insurance and re-insurance activities dated May 13th 1999.

Traditionally, DZI has stable positions both in general insurance and in life insurance. The company develops and offers a full range of insurance products adapted to the needs of each client.
The company has a well developed distribution network consisting of 26 Main agencies, 27 agencies and 63 offices.

In 2011 DZI had a market share of 12.3% in the life insurance sector. Thus the company ranks second among life insurance companies in Bulgaria with premium revenue of over 30.7 million BGN for that period.

The main share in the company’s portfolio is taken by Endowment Insurance - 67.2%, Unit-linked Life Insurance - 10.4%, Additional Insurance - 8.2% and Accident Insurance – 8.3%.

The company has a professional network of consultants for the life insurance products. The concept has been developed with the assistance of KBC Group. On August 3rd 2007 KBC acquired ZP AD DZI, as the total number of the shares it owns is 80.457%.

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