Employer Liability Insurance

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Employer Liability Insurance

The Employer Liability Insurance can be concluded by any person that hires personnel under labor contract. The insurance is not compulsory. It covers sums which the Policyholder, in their capacity of employer, has to pay as compensation to an employee/worker who has suffered bodily injury or death arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Risks covered
All sums are covered which, in accordance with the Labour Code, the Policyholder has to pay to their workers and employees as compensation in case of:

  • bodily injuries and/or death resulting from an accident at work. The employer is also responsible when the accident at work is caused by an insurmountable force or with regard to an assigned task executed even without an explicit order, but in the interest of the employer, as well as during a break spent in the area of the company
  • the costs the Policyholder has incurred for limiting or reducing the damages
  • the costs incurred for civil lawsuits against the Policyholder in connection to insured events covered under the insurance policy

Upon additional agreement the liability can also include industrial illnesses that were revealed and diagnosed during the insurance validity.

The Policyholder shall compensate the injured worker/employer and in the case of death – their heirs.

Uncovered risks and other conditions: As per the Labour Code the employer is not liable if the injured has caused the injury intentionally. The liability of the employer can be reduced if the injured person has contributed to the accident at work as a result of gross negligence.

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