Insurances in Euroins Health Assurance

Euroins Health Assurance

Market share: 5.9% in 2010
Revenue: 2.5 mln BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 2004
Number of offices: 50
Products: 9

Euroins - Health Assurance LCC was registered with Decision № 71 of the CFS dated 13.10.2004 with subject of activity Voluntary Health Insurance.

The company offers a combination of health insurance packages covering a wide specter of health risks and providing complex medical servicing to clients.

The company’s partners include over 360 medical institutions among which - Diagnostic and Consultation Centers, Medical Centers, Specialized Medical Centers, Multi-profile Hospitals for Active Treatment (MHAT), Medical Academy of the Army – with all the bases in the country, private Medical Centers and others.

The owner of Euroins - Health Assurance LCC is Euroins Insurance Group LCC, which is part of Eurohold Bulgaria JSC. Eurohold Bulgaria JSC was founded in 1995 and was later restructured into a holding structure consisting of:

  • Euroins Health Assurance LLC 
  • Euroins Assurance company
  • Euroleasse Auto Ltd leasing company
  • Investment mediator Euroforum Ltd

Euroins - Health Assurance LLC provides financing for covering expenses for:

  • provided medical services to the policyholders
  • reimbursement of expenses for medical drugs and/or aids and devices

Who can be insured

  • All Bulgarian and foreign citizens residing on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • The insurance can be individual, family, group.
  • Group insurance is concluded under special conditions and tariffs set by the Company.
  • The policy can also be signed by and on behalf of a physical or legal person.
  • To their clients Euroins - Health Assurance LLC offer different products including health insurance covers as per the personal needs or health status.
  • The right combination of packages allows the diagnosing of a specific health problem and its consequent treatment until the full physical recovery of the patient.

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