Insurances in Generali Insurance

Generali Insurance

Market share: 4% in 2010
Revenue: 54 million BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 1991
Number of offices: 100
Products: 22

Generali Bulgaria is one of the leaders in offering non-banking financial services in Bulgaria via its subsidiary companies:

  • Generali Insurance AD – general insurance company
  • Generali Life Insurance AD - life insurance company
  • Generali Zakrila Health Insurance AD – providing health insurance

Generali Insurance AD was founded in 1991.

The company is the former OREL AD insurance company. In 2006 it joined the global Generali Group.

The company’s product portfolio consists of:

  • Property insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Engineering insurance
  • Liabilities insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Accident Insurance and Travel Assistance
  • Crops & Livestock
  • Package products

Generali’s Life Insurance company was established in 1992 and it is the first private life insurance company on the Bulgarian market. In 2010 the company’s market share was 4.5% and that year it had premium volume of 11 million BGN.

Generali’s Health Insurance company was established in 1999. It is one of the leading companies providing health insurance in Bulgaria. It has its own medical and dental center. It has over 300 contracts with medical providers across the country and arranges on-the-spot prophylactics performed by medical providers.

The well structured commercial (agent) network of Generali Insurance AD provides easy access to all insurance services and products. The company offers its services in over 100 offices around Bulgaria.

In 2010 the company’s market share in the field of general insurance was 4%. During the year the company had good results in the field of motor insurance and property insurance.

The structure of the company’s insurance portfolio in 2010 (general insurance) is as follows:

  • Third Party Liability Insurance – 31%
  • Motor Vehicle Casco Insurance – 25%
  • Property Insurance – 19%
  • Accident Insurance – 1.3%
  • General Third Party Liability Insurance – 2.4%
  • Travel Assistance – 1.4%, etc.


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