Insurances in Generali Life Insurance

Generali Life Insurance

Market share: 4.5% in 2010
Revenue: 11 mln BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 1992
Number of offices: 100
Products: 17

Generali Life Insurance company was founded in 1992 and it is the first private life insurance company on the Bulgarian market. In 2010 the company’s share on the life insurance market was 4.5% and premium revenue of 11 million BGN.

Generali Life Insurance is the former Orel Life Ins Company. The company offers its clients a diverse range of life insurance products.

Life insurance products

  • Endowment Insurance
  • Annuity Insurance
  • Risk Life Insurance
  • Marriage Insurance
  • Unit-linked Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Supplementary Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Credit Life Insurance

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