Insurances in Groupama Zastrahovane

Groupama Zastrahovane

Market share: 0.4% for 2011
Revenue: 5.8 million BGN for 2011
Year of founding: 2005
Number of offices:

Groupama Zastrahovane EAD is a successor of the insurance company DSK Garancia AD founded on 13.05.2005. In 2008, one of the biggest French insurance companies, Groupama S.A., acquired 100 % of the company’s shares and became its sole owner.

On 08.09.2009 the change of the company’s name was officially announced, its new name being Groupama Zastrahovane.

Groupama Zastrahovane EAD is an exclusive partner of DSK Bank as per a long-term regional agreement in the field of general insurance and other bank insurance products, signed on 11.02.2008.


  • Celine Bolard - Chief Executive Officer
  • Raya Grozeva - Chief Actuary
  • Mihail Zhelyazkov - Head of Internal Audit

In 2011 the main share in the company’s portfolio is taken by Property insurance – 89.7%, Financial Loss insurance - 7.7% and Travel Assistance – 3%.

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