Home Contents Insurance in Bulgaria

Home Contents Insurance in Bulgaria

Subject matter
The subject-matter insured is immovable and movable property. The immovable property includes both residential buildings (apartments, houses, villas) and commercial buildings. The movable property includes the furniture, all kind of electronic devices and appliances, agricultural machinery, valuable works of art, etc. The insurance can be concluded in favor of the lending bank.

Risks covered:

  • Fire (incl. consequences of extinguishing thereof)
  • Lightning, explosion or implosion, aircraft collision, parts or cargo therefrom
  • Natural calamities (incl. storm, hail, torrential rain, flood, snow and ice pressure, freezing, falling trees, branches, or other external objects following storm or hail)
  • Water supply and sewerage damages
  • Landslide or collapse of earth mass
  • Earthquake
  • Short circuit and/or over-voltage
  • Malicious acts by third parties
  • Loss and damages resulting from transportation upon change of address
  • Removal of debris, relocation, protection and storage of insured property and/or loss of rent
  • Glass breakage with option for 'All Risks' basis
  • Third party liability following insured event (incl. damages caused to third parties as a result of fire, drenching as a consequence of extinguishing thereof or of flooding of the site insured which the Policyholder is obliged to compensate on the basis of tort)

Insurance premium
The insurance premium is set on the basis of the insurance agency tariffs and depends on the type of the property insured, its insurance price, the agreed size of the insurance coverage and the specific risk factors.

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