Industrial Fire All Risks Insurance in Bulgaria

Industrial Fire All Risks Insurance in Bulgaria

This type of insurance is a variety of the Industrial Fire insurance and offers the most comprehensive cover to businesses. The Industrial Fire All Risks insurance offers insurance cover against financial losses resulting from disruption of the Policyholder’s business activity. Most insurance companies offer this type of insurance as additional cover to the main Industrial Fire insurance.

The difference is that with Industrial Fire All Risks insurance you can get insured not only against loss of your property but also against financial losses that are the direct result of loss or partial damage of the insured property.

Risks covered
The cover includes:

  • common risks such as fire, explosion, implosion, lightning, aircraft crash, parts or cargo therefrom, storm, hail, torrential rain, flooding, pressure from natural drifts of snow and ice, collision with vehicle or animal, malicious act of third parties, the expenses the Policyholder has made for limiting the damages resulting from the occurrence of an insured event, for clearing debris, glass breakage, earthquake.
  • financial losses resulting from interruption of the production activities of the Policyholder as a result of damage to the property used for production purposes, upon occurrence of an insured event covered under the Industrial Fire insurance.

Insurance premium
The insurance premium is set on the basis of the tariffs of the insurance company and depending on the type of the insured property, its insured value, the agreed scope of the cover, the liability limits, and the specific risk factors.

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