Industrial Fire Insurance from Bulstrad

Industrial Fire Insurance from Bulstrad

The Industrial Fire insurance from Bulstrad is an insurance product with subject matter owned or rented buildings, movable property, goods, stock, etc.

Risks covered
Basic cover:

  • fire, including consequences of extinguishing thereof
  • explosion or implosion, lightning
  • aircraft crash, parts or cargo therefrom

Additional cover:

  • natural perils - storm, hurricane, torrential rain, hail, flood, freezing, falling trees, branches, or other external objects following natural perils
  • landslide or collapse of earth mass
  • earthquake
  • pressure from natural drifts of snow and ice
  • becoming wet as a result of a damage to water-supply, sewage, heating or steam installation systems and the appliances plugged therein
  • impact from motor vehicle or animal that do not belong to the insured person or to persons working with them and with the insured property
  • malicious act of third parties (vandalism).

As an additional extension to the Industrial Fire insurance Bulstrad insurance company also covers the following risks:

  • expenses for dealing with the consequences of the occurrence of the insured event (expenses for removal of debris and experts’ fees), for an amount up to 2% of the insured properties’ total sum insured, but not exceeding 15,000 /fifteen thousand/ BGN.
  • glass breakage, the glass being fixed to doors, windows or other frame constructions
  • robbery
  • burglary.

Bulstrad insurance company also offers a special product: Hotels, Holiday Villages and Places for Recreation and Entertainment.

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