Insurances in Interamerican Bulgaria

Interamerican Bulgaria

Market share: 2.6% for 2011
Revenue: 35.1 million BGN for 2011
Year of founding: 1998
Number of offices: 63
Products: 21

Interamerican Bulgaria ZEAD has been present on the Bulgarian insurance market since 1998 as it is the first insurance company founded with foreign capital.


The company has 63 agencies, offices and remote offices around Bulgaria.
The company offers a wide range of attractive conditions for insurance and comprehensive insurance covers:

  • Fire and Natural Disasters
  • Property
  • Motor Vehicle Casco Insurance
  • Mandatory insurance - Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance of motor vehicles
  • Accident - (group and personal)
  • Cargo
  • Travel (with first-class assistance from EURO CROSS)
  • General Third Party Liability
  • Employer Liability
  • Carrier Liability
  • Construction
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Agricultural

Since August 1, 2008 the company offers life insurance products on the Bulgarian market through their new company Interamerican Bulgaria Life Insurance EAD.

INTERAMERICAN BULGARIA ZEAD and INTERAMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE EAD are part of the European financial and insurance holding ACHMEA, Holland. ACHMEA operates in eight European countries – Holland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey and Russia, with over 20,000 employees.

The advantages and the priorities for Interamerican Bulgaria are as follows:

  • The trust of our CLIENTS comes first
  • Dedication and commitment to the clients’ needs
  • Honest and professional servicing
  • Fast payment of compensation
  • Insurance services consistent with European standards
  • Innovative solutions tailored to the needs of each client
  • Option for 24 hour registration of occurred insured events
  • Stable re-insurance program with the aim of providing maximum security to our clients
  • Reliable insurance protection of our clients’ personal and business interests

In 2011 INTERAMERICAN BULGARIA ZEAD had a market share of 2.6% in the field of general insurance. During the year the company had good results mainly in the field of motor insurance - Motor Vehicle Casco Insurance - 24% of the company’s portfolio and Third Party Liability Insurance for motor vehicles - 39.9%, as well as property insurance – 22.3%, liability insurance – 3.9%, and accident and travel insurance with a total share of 4.9%.

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