Livestock Insurance in Bulgaria

Livestock Insurance in Bulgaria

Subject matter

  • ruminant cattle
  • solid-hoofed animals
  • sheep and goats
  • breeding pigs, growing pigs and pigs for fattening
  • hunting and luxurious dogs
  • birds raised in farms for intensive poultry
  • bee hives
  • exotic animals and animals for precious firs, raised under intensive conditions
  • fish raised in reservoirs for intensive fish-farming.

Insured persons
The insurance is designed for natural and legal persons, owners of the types of animals enumerated herein.

Risks covered
The Insurer pays indemnity for damages caused by the following risks:

  • death or destruction, caused by infectious diseases
  • death, caused by fire, natural disasters or accident

Insurance companies offer additional covers like:

  • death caused by non-infectious diseases
  • death or destruction of bee hives
  • death of exotic animals for precious firs
  • loss of breeding or production qualities
  • falling into an abyss of animals taken out to graze in a mountain or hilly area 

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