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News and Articles

Free property insurance from INSURANCE BULGARIA

Topic: Property insurance

INSURANCE BULGARIA offers a FREE insurance for every newly purchased property during the winter property sale of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES. View more

The notary fee for vehicles transactions drops off

Topic: Motor Insurance

The notary fee for transactions of vehiles drops off - this is one of the 88 measures to reduce the administrative burden that the cabinet voted today. View more

The Civil Liability policy with a margin of up to 500% in some parts of the country

Topic: Motor Insurance

In some parts of the country, mainly in Northern Bulgaria, the compulsory Civil Liability insurance policy for the automobiles comes with an increased price between 200 and 500% of the base fare. View more

General rights under the "CASCO" insurance policy

Topic: Motor Insurance

According to the experts from the Financial Supervision Commission, the clients must first choose whether to sign a "Casco" insurance policy that is covering all risks or part of the risks thereof and whether to pay the insurance premium in full or in several installments.  View more

General rights of the owners of the compulsory Civil Responsibility insurance policy

Topic: Motor Insurance

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) has launched today a new online portal which aims to increase the financial literacy of the consumers. View more

Cops with tablets lurking for vehicles without "Liability insurance" policy.

Topic: Motor Insurance

Cops with tablets will watch for vehicles without a "Liability insurance" policy. That information was provided by the Chief Commissioner Anton Antonov from the Traffic Police Department. The aim of that has "is very simple" or in other words the checks on the existence and validity of the mandatory policy will be made more quickly, announced Darik Radio. View more

Will a fund pay, if you get hit by a car without liability insurance?

Topic: Motor Insurance

Nearly 1/3 of the vehicles in the country do not have the mandatory "Liability insurance". The percentage of the uninsured cars is 28, according to the Guarantee Fund in the middle of November. So, what happens if you get hit by such a car? Who is going to pay you the compensation? Where do you have to submit your claim? View more

How to fill in a bilateral conclusion protocol (BCP)

Topic: Motor Insurance

If you have a little accident on the roads, there is a chance to save yourself time and frustration. This can happen if the responsible party (no matter whether this will be you or another driver) has a valid "Motor Third Party Liability" policy and both have similar view about the causes of the accident. Може да не викате застраховател при лека катастрофа View more

The largest insurance companies in Southeastern Europe

Topic: Insurance market

The Bulgarian insurance companies are many in number in this year's SeeNews - SEE TOP 100 - Insurers of the biggest Southeastern Europe insurers as far as the gross premium income is concerned. View more

Last days for the Casco stickers

Topic: Motor Insurance

The last days of the Casco stickers for cars expire this week. Since Saturday (October 6th) the Traffic Automobile Police will inflict fines, if it happens to detect a car with such a sticker, announced from the Ministry of Interior. View more

DZI and Allianz Life become Insurers of the Year

Topic: Insurance market

According to the Association of Bulgarian Insurers and the VUZF – University of Insurance and Finance the two companies are the most successful on the market.  View more

Insurers to delay us no more than 55 days

Topic: Payment of indemnities

The end to the endless waiting the insurer to pay our indemnity is here. After the amendments to the Insurance Code come into force the insurance companies will not delay us any more and not pay our money with the motive that we have to present more documents. View more

How to immediately indemnify tourists for cancelled holidays?

Topic: Travel insurance

The Bulgarian Tourist Chamber offers the funds from the tourist insurance to be transferred directly to the specified state body. View more

Financial Supervision Commission launching mandatory insurance debate

Topic: Property insurance

Mandatory property insurance was introduced in Bulgaria in February 1981, according to which citizens must pay insurance for their residential, holiday and agricultural buildings. View more

Women with more expensive life insurance

Topic: Life insurance

Life insurance products for women will become more expensive, the positive thing being that women will also have higher pensions from the voluntary retirement provision fund. This is what the Bulgarian Actuarial Society (BAS)announced at a press conference on Wednesday. View more

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