Our principles

Our principles

In over 15 years on the market General Broker Ltd. have been guided by a few basic principles. These same principles are also valid for the company’s online service INSURANCE BULGARIA. Combined with our flawless reputation they are a guarantee that your choice to do business with us is the right one!

Being a mediator between the insurance company and the client our loyalty is subjected to constant challenges. The skill to balance the requirements of the insurer and the interests of the client requires us to play the role of guarantor between the parties. On the one hand, we persuade clients to have a disciplined and responsible attitude towards the insured asset and on the other we require the insurance company to strictly observe their obligations under the insurance contract and before the law.
Our main objective is to protect the interest of the honest and responsible client.

The proof of our high quality services lies in the numerous figures and facts deservedly ranking us among the top insurance brokers in Bulgaria. Our company culture that aims at providing the best possible quality of services is formed as a result of our experience of over 15 years.
Recognition of this high quality is the international certificate ISO 9001:2001 which the company received. We also received an international insurance broker certificate, as we are observing the high requirements it sets.
We constantly strive to provide better quality of servicing in order to have happy and pleased clients.

We constantly prove our professionalism to our clients during the whole insurance process. Starting with the help when choosing the right product and insurer, through the quality servicing during the period of the policy, to assisting our clients when an insured event occurs.

This is one of the most valuable qualities we strive to develop in our consultants and employees. Persistence in pursuing our main goal – protecting the client’s interests, has guaranteed the company’s sustainable growth since its founding.
We are also persistent when we negotiate the conditions of the insurance policies with the insurance companies. Persistence is also the key word when we develop the new directions of our business.
Persistence as a mediator to help us balance the multitude of interests, observe the rules and maintain the respect between the parties is the only way to make our clients happy.

Everything in the insurance industry changes constantly and rapidly. We are obliged to always be a step ahead of the events so that we can provide good care to our clients. We provide access to all new products and services and we keep a database of promotional offers. We introduce innovations for online insurance policies. We count on innovative marketing approaches. By making use of the achievements of modern technology we make the concluding and servicing of insurance policies fast, easy, convenient and stress free.

The only way to stay on top is to constantly change and improve, in accordance with the latest trends and client expectations.

We would be happy to see you become one of our satisfied clients!

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