Professional Indemnity of Tour Operators

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Professional Indemnity of Tour Operators

Compulsory insurance under Art.42(1) of the Tourism Act in effect from 01.01.2003 and under the Ordinance on the conditions and order for effecting a compulsory insurance covering the tour operator’s liability. Every Tour Operator licensed under the law on performing tour operator’s activities is obliged to conclude a Professional Indemnity of Tour Operators insurance.

Insurance cover
The insurance covers the liability of the tour operator for material damages caused to the client resulting from non-payment of the tour operator to their contracting parties and suppliers, including in case of their insolvency and bankruptcy.

The insurance cover includes:

  • refunding of the sums paid by the client under the agreement for an organized trip before the beginning of the trip;
  • payment of the difference in the cases when during the trip only part of the services specified in the agreement are provided;
  • the expenses related to the return of the client to the starting point of the trip;
  • legal expenses for claims.

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