Public Liability of Hotel and Restaurant Keepers in Bulgaria

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Public Liability of Hotel and Restaurant Keepers in Bulgaria

Subject matter
The Public Liability of Hotel and Restaurant Keepers Insurance is very important for the peace of mind both of the clients of a hotel or restaurant and for its owners/managers. The insurance is designed for all persons working in the tourist industry, in a hotel or restaurant owned or rented by them, which falls into one of the following categories:

  • Accommodation – hotel, motel, holiday village;
  • Places to stay – hostel, holiday house, family hotel, rooms, villa, house, bungalow or camping site;
  • Places for eating and entertainment – restaurant, bar/disco, fast food place, coffee shop, etc.

Risks covered
The insurance provides protection against indemnity claims from guests or visitors to the site.
Main cover:

  • death, bodily injury or illness caused as a result of an accident or poisoning after consumption of food and drinks provided by the Policyholder on the territory of the hotel/restaurant;
  • total loss of or partial damage to property;
  • expenses for civil lawsuits against the Policyholder for risks covered by the insurance policy;
  • expenses incurred by the Policyholder for limiting the damages from the occurrence of an insured event.

Additional cover:

  • non-material and material damages caused by clients, guests and visitors from the exploitation of swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas, playgrounds, pitches, night clubs /discos, music halls, gambling halls, etc./;
  • damages resulting from burglary of personal belongings from the guests’ rooms;
  • burglary or theft of belongings (including cash and valuables) of the guests that have been placed for storage in a special safe on the responsibility of the Policyholder;
  • for damages to motor vehicles belonging to the hotel guests, while parked in the designated parking lots or garages of the Policyholder (without theft of the motor vehicle or parts thereof).

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