Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Under the Health Insurance Act (HIA) in Bulgaria a two-pillar health insurance model is applied:

  • first pillar – compulsory health insurance
  • second pillar – voluntary health insurance

Compulsory health insurance is realized by the National Health Insurance Fund and in accordance with the current legislation all citizens are obliged to pay health insurance payments.
Voluntary health insurance (VHI) is realized through licensed health insurance companies. Anyone who pays their compulsory health insurance payments and wishes and can afford to make additional payments under the voluntary health insurance packages they have chosen personally has the right to voluntary health insurance. The health insurance packages give one the option to use additional health services which are both part of the compulsory health insurance and outside its scope. Based on their needs the insured person can choose the type of insurance packages (with explicitly set health services) or a combination of them.

Voluntary health insurance is implemented based on:

  • Voluntary health insurance through reimbursement of expenses and
  • Voluntary health insurance through subscription servicing.

The main difference between the two types is that with VHI through subscription servicing the contracts with the medical care providers are compulsory while with the VHI through reimbursement of expenses they are not compulsory.

The advantages of the Supplementary Voluntary Health Insurance are as follows:

  • there is no need of special medical referral; choice of specialist doctor and hospital facility
  • access to highly specialized and expensive tests
  • client call center
  • annual medical check-ups
  • outpatient and hospital medical help
  • covering of the expenses for drugs and medical supplies for which the National Health Insurance

Fund does not pay

  • Tax preferences – as per the Personal Income Tax Act, up to 10% of the income for persons working on a labor contract, liberal professions, income from management and control contracts.
  • Other advantages for the employers:
  • Tax relief – the payments for supplementary health insurance, at the expense of the employer, are defined as expense for the company’s activity, which is not subject to taxation.
  • Supplementary Health Insurance means care for your employees, it improves the quality of their work, it adds to their motivation and loyalty, it helps build the reputation of your company by making you a favored employer who is known for looking after their employees.

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