Travel Assistance for Tourists

Travel Assistance for Tourists

The Travel Assistance for Tourists insurance is a medical insurance with 24/7 assistance for overseas trips of individual natural persons or organized tourist groups. The insurance provides protection in case of accident and/or illness that has developed suddenly during the Policyholder’s trip or stay abroad. Irregardless of the location of the Policyholder, the assisting company guarantees them the possibility to get qualified medical help by directing them to a specialized medical facility in advance and providing transportation if needed.

Subject matter
The insured persons are Bulgarian and foreign citizens during their trip or stay outside the Republic of Bulgaria, and when foreign citizens are insured – also outside the territory of their native country.
The insurance can be concluded individually or for a group of persons.

Risks covered

  • Medical assistance – medical check-up, tests, treatment and operation
  • Medical drugs, medical supplies and use of medical devices; hospital stay
  • Emergency transportation of the Policyholder from the place of the accident to the closest hospital to receive emergency medical help
  • Medical transportation to the Republic of Bulgaria
  • If necessary, to provide a medical specialist or pay the expenses of a family member to accompany the Policyholder during their transportation to the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Repatriation in the case of death of the Policyholder

Additional cover

  • Death of the Policyholder as a result of an accident
  • Temporary or permanent disability of the Policyholder as a result of an accident


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