Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Subject matter
The insurance is voluntary and is designed for Bulgarian and foreign citizens who are planning a holiday or business trip in Bulgaria or abroad. The insurance can be issued for an individual or for a group of people. It is concluded against the risk of cancelled or missed trip due to medical or non-medical reasons that are beyond the control of the Policyholder and are unforeseen at the moment of issuing of the insurance policy.

The Insurer covers the Policyholder’s expenses for air tickets, paid hotel bookings and other tourism and business services provided in advance that cannot be refunded upon a cancellation of the trip.

Risks covered

  • death resulting from an accident
  • expenses for cancellation of the trip
  • expenses for cutting short or interrupting the trip
  • expenses for delay or cancellation of a flight

The insurance is compulsorily concluded on the date of booking and of the first payment (advance or full) of the trip.


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