Insurances in UNIQA


Market share: 5.2% in 2010
Revenue: 72 million BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 1992
Number of offices: 87
Products: 30

UNIQA Bulgaria insurance company is part of the Austrian UNIQA Group. It is the most trusted company in Austria and it is one of the leading insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

Subsidiaries of UNIQA Bulgaria: UNIQA AD – general insurance company and UNIQA Life AD – life insurance company. Both companies were founded in 1992 as private companies under the names Vitosha and Vitosha Zhivot.

The types of insurance UNIQA AD general insurance company offers are motor insurance, property insurance, travel insurance, cargo, accident insurance, liabilities insurance, etc.

In 2010 UNIQA AD general insurance company had a market share of 5.2%. During the year the most important for the company’s portfolio was motor insurance - Motor Vehicle Casco Insurance – 39%, Third Party Liability Insurance – 33%, followed by Property Insurance - 22% and Liabilities Insurance – 3%.

On the life insurance market UNIQA Life AD has a market share of 8.65% and premium volume of 22 million BGN.

UNIQA AD insurance company is co-founder of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers.

UNIQA AD insurance company

  • Nikolay Genchev
  • Nikolay Kavardzhikliev
  • Dimitar Tonev

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