Insurances in UNIQA Life


Market share: 8.65% in 2010
Revenue: 21.5 mln BGN in 2010
Year of founding: 1992
Number of offices: 87
Products: 11

UNIQA Life AD was founded in 1992 г. Initially the company’s name was Vitosha Life.

In 2005 the Austrian insurance group UNIQA bought shares in Vitosha insurance company. Two years later Vitosha Life officially changed its name to UNIQA life AD insurance company. In 2009 the Austrian insurance group UNIQA already held almost 100% of the shares in UNIQA Bulgaria.

UNIQA Group has over 150 years of experiences in the insurance sector and it is one of the leading insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The company has a two-tier system of management – a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors.
Supervisory Board of UNIQA Life AD insurance company:
1. Andreas Brandstetter – Chairman
2. Johannes porak
3. Wolfgang Kindl
4. Rumen Brusarski
5. Pavlina Anachkova-Kantareva

Board of Directors:
Georgi Georgiev
Nadezhda Vuntova
Nikolay Genchev
Nikolay Kavardzhikliev
Claudia Roznak

UNIQA Life AD insurance company offers a wide variety of insurance products:

  • Endwoment Insurance
  • Risk Life Insurance
  • Deferred Life Annuity Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Child Endowment Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Unit-Linked Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

The company has a well developed network of its own offices, brokers and agents covering the territory of the country.

In 2010 UNIQA Life AD insurance company had a market share of 8.65%. In 2010 the company had good results mostly with health Insurance – 48.35%, Accident Insurance – almost 12% of the company’s portfolio and Life Insurance and Deferred Life Annuity Insurance – 9%.


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