What makes us different

What makes us different

There are over 343 licensed insurance brokers, thousands of insurance agents, 23 general insurance companies and 19 life insurance companies in Bulgaria.

But which of them will suit your insurance needs best or decide in your favour a problematic case resulting from an occurred damage?

It is no secret that only a leading company like ours can offer you efficient servicing using our long insurance experience, excellent contacts and relations in all insurance companies, and innovative approaches that put quality servicing above personal gain and profit.

Our professional efforts are aimed mainly at improving our client servicing. Our aim is to offer faultless attitude to each and every client, to serve their specific needs and help with possible problems. Our main goal is to have happy clients and to see them come back to us year after year.

What makes us different from everyone else offering you insurance?

  • We organize your insurance fast, easy and hassle-free regardless of which part in the country or in the world you are! We have associated offices around the whole country which will efficiently decide on each damage that might occur.
  • Competent and responsible consulting process tailored to your personal insurance needs. We will look into your case in depth and we will offer you options that would work best for you and with which your interests will be best protected.
  • You will have access to experienced insurance experts who have proved their professionalism during the years with us. This guarantees you will receive first-class servicing and valuable advice and help when taking out the insurance.
  • We have contacts at the highest level in the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria. We entered the market in 1995 - at the dawn of the modern era of the insurance business in Bulgaria. All these years we have been an active participant on the market and we have had the chance to get to know and work with the professionals in the branch. This guarantees a special attitude towards our company and towards each of our clients from of the insurance companies.
  • We know how to help when there is a problem. Before trusting us and starting to work with us most of our clients were faced with problems related to their insurance. From the smallest details related to the formal drawing up of the insurance and the choice of insurance company to serious problems related to unsatisfied claims on the part of the insurer and refusal to pay damages. In each case our skilled experts will take care of you and will show you the right way for coming out of the unpleasant situation.
  • We look after your interests! For example, with us you will not be offered a product by one or two insurance companies (a usual practice with other companies) but you will have the opportunity to choose from the full range of services provided by all insurance companies in Bulgaria. This way you will be able to continue using your favorite insurer under the best possible conditions. We will offer you the solution that best protects your interests, as our remuneration is of secondary importance!
  • The things we do that save you time and protect your interests: we know how valuable time is and we do everything possible to help our clients save it. Our work model is organized in such a way so that our clients can organize all their insurance products with minimum efforts and stress.

Here are some simple ways we achieve that:

1) You can take out your insurance online without having to come to our office – regardless of where in the country or in the world you are. You can make the insurance payments with a credit card or with a bank transfer.

2) Upon the occurrence of an insured event one of our experienced consultants can visit you on the spot and lodge the claim, as they can also provide technical and logistical assistance, including taking your car to the garage to be repaired.

3) Through our internal control and accounting system each of our clients is regularly informed about the payment date under an insurance policy or its expiration in a manner chosen by them. This way you can be sure that you will never miss a payment and risk your interests.

4) Insurance promotions: through our system that constantly follows the market and the products offered by the insurance companies we keep a data base of all current promotions and we inform you of them immediately. Snatch a bargain insurance, save money!

5) Full management of all your insurance policies: contemporary people and companies use many different insurance products signed with different mediators and insurance companies. At one point the management of many products becomes a tedious obligation which consumes a lot of time and energy and quite so often leads to losses. We offer all our clients who are using many insurance products to let us manage them for free!

We at INSURANCE BULGARIA by GENERAL BROKER Ltd. in association with BULGARIAN PROPERTIES value our main principles governing our work and client relations: loyalty, professionalism, persistence, innovation, quality.

Faster servicing, honesty, speed, high-quality services, full assistance during the period of the insurance – these are just a small part of the advantages we offer.

What insurance are you looking for?

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